Cam Cool

If you are lucky in this racing game, you get one special horse, and we did.

You get your “Somebeachsomewhere” and that was Cam Cool. He might not have been as fast but gave us quite a ride and he meant as much to us as “Beach” did to his owners.

Cam Cool was a two year old that Bob MacIntosh broke and trained. He raced well at two., but at three broke a bone. They must have thought he had a lot of potential as the did a surgery where they took a bone from his body and replaced the broken bone.

Our sons in-law, Chris and Rachel Archer, ended up owning him, but one night he came of the track lame. In July 2010, we got a call from our son, asking Jimmy if he wanted a project horse. The in-laws had asked, and Jimmy said send him down. 

Cam Cool arrived and he was turned out for summer.

There was something about this horse, something in his eyes. It was the way he acted that we knew from day one, he was special and that he was.

That winter, Jimmy started him back. He trained him down and qualified him, but never expected to get what we did. He gave us so many great memories, that we were able to share with family and friends. It’s what you call “looking a gift horse in the mouth.” WOW, what an animal.

He won races at every track in Nova Scotia and PEI. He won several claiming series. He was a champion wherever he raced. 

When, he came to us he had eleven wins, but ended up with seventy three, and us having sixty of them. He earned over $50,000 in the Maritimes. Now, that’s performance!

He loved people. He did everything, but talk to you and at times, I believe he did. He loved his morning muffins. If you came in the barn with food, he would stretch the neck out, looking for his share.

It was scary, how humanly he was. He had a heart so big. The more sore he was, the more he would go on. He loved to race. He would never let you down. You knew when he went behind the gate, the other horses lining up behind the gate better be ready, because Cool was. He meant business. He had the characteristics of his father, Cam Luck. 

He loved going to the beach at Chimney Corner. He was the first horse on that beach. He loved his time in the green fields of Margaret. 

A few months ago, he had to be euthanized due to lameness. He will never be forgotten. For us, there will never be another like him. 

I hope he is pacing in the green fields on the other side, as you deserve it old boy. You were the best.


“A great horse will change your life. A truly special horse will define it.”

Until next time...Keep Pacing!

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