Well I don't know where the time goes but we're already close to being in to the middle of November and pretty soon 2019 will be a memory. I’m closing in on my forty fifth birthday on the thirteenth of this month, but I feel like I'm twenty! Summerside Raceway wrapped up it's one hundred and thirty- third year of racing on Sunday October 27 and it was a good day of racing. Norris Rogers opened up the card with Rebel Devil winning for the first time in 2:03:1 for owner Ralph Harvey and trainer Ed Harvey, over Melray Moe (Walter Cheverie) and Rollwithitjessie (Corey MacPherson). Race 2 went to Medici Hanover for David Dowling in 1:59 flat for owners Kent and Andrew Williams and Lyndon Hardy for trainer Donnie Milligan. Bold N Bad took the third race for Kenny Murphy and owner trainer Deanna Clow, stopping the clock in 2:00.1 besting Precision Blue Chip (Jason Hughes) and Flowersonthebeach (Dale Spence). Race 4 went to Confident Fella for Dale "Spinner" Spence in 1:58.3 over Ramset (Jason Hughes) and Dangle On A Dime (Corey MacPherson). David and John Sweet share ownership in Confident Fella and Ralph Sweet is the trainer. Race 5 went to Elm Grove Nanci for Gilles Barrieau and owner/trainer Robert Philips stopping the clock in 2:01.4 over Southfield Sue (Dale Spence) and Western Gracie (Alex Sobey). Race 6 saw Junebugs Baby a winner for David Dowling's second win of the afternoon for owner Jordan MacKay and trainer Chris MacKay. They stopped the clock in 2:00.2. Second was Whosurwinner (Kenny Murphy) and Santanna Sass (Gilles Barrieau) was third. Race 7 went to The Gormaninzer with Jason Hughes driving for owner Heather Gamester and trainer Sandra Cole in 2:03.1. Second was Top Desire (Norris Rogers) and Culpepper third (Corey MacPherson). Race 8 went to the veteran pacer Shiftyn Georgie and driver Dale Spence stopping the clock in 1:59.4 for owner Jansen Sweet and trainer Jaycob Sweet. Second was Cal Hanover (David Dowling) and Dilan's Mustang (Jason Hughes) was third. Race 8 saw Souverain get his fifth in a row (I believe) for Gilles Barrieau and owner/trainer Phil Sizer stopping the clock in 1:57.1, besting Painted Desert (Corey MacPherson) and Dusty Lane Cortez (Walter Cheverie). Race 9 went to Goodmorning Ky winning for the eighth time this season for Kenny Murphy and owner Melissa Banks and trainer Frank Banks in 2:00.2 over Elm Grove Maddy (Norris Rogers) and Bugtown Superstar (Walter Cheverie). This win should solidify Goodmorning Ky as aged pacing mare of the year here at Summerside Raceway, I believe she was overlooked last year... The afternoon's top class Race 11 went to Nogreatmischief and owner/trainer/driver Walter Cheverie and co owner Brian Thompson, they stopped the clock in 1:57.1 turning back Pictonian Storm (Myles Heffernan) and Mando Fun (Gilles Barrieau). The final race of the afternoon and the season went to J K Cowboy for Dale Spence's second win of the afternoon stopping the clock in 1:58 over Legendary Ron (Gilles Barrieau) and Rising Fella (Jason Hughes). Greg MacInnis owns and trains J K Cowboy. A solid bet of $23,664 was wagered on the day.

Colts/Filles at Summerside

It's that time of the year when the babies of next year are on the track and learning their early lessons. There are 13 babies on the grounds in Summerside this year, compared to 3 this time last year. I recently purchased a Source of Pride colt from Eldred Nicholson by the name of Mr. Belliveau and I actually look forward to freezing this winter teaching him his lessons on the track and in the barn. I want to give a big shout out and a thank you to Robbie Chappell for his help on the track with my colt, as well as Alex Sobey for his help on Monday. We took him out on Sunday morning and so far he's been great! Alex Sobey has a couple of good looking babies in his stable including a Source of Pride colt that he and his father Dale raised. Alex also went to the London, Ontario sale and purchased a beautiful looking stud colt by the stallion Control The Moment for a tidy price of $15,000. Frank Banks is going with a colt and a filly in his stable, Tyler DesRoches and his connections are going with a good looking Source of Pride colt that they purchased at the Atlantic Classic sale. Robert Philips is going with a colt that he purchased privately. Lloyd Hannah is going with a couple of babies, one is owned by Brian Walsh. Glenn MacKay is going with some babies for Clair Sudsbury as well as his own filly that he bought at the Atlantic Classic sale, a Malicious filly. Best of luck to everybody with their babies!!

Flashback November 11, 1972

Today's flashbacks brings us back to November 11, 1972 and a very heavy track for the eight dash card. The write up says that a good crowd turned out for the final summer program of the season. Race 1 went to Made Rite for Graham Chappell and owner Blair Strongman winning in 2:23.1 over Betty's Leader (Donnie Gillis) and April's Dream Boy (Clint MacLeod). Race 2 was won by Jackson for Clint MacLeod and owner Lowell Cotton stopping the clock in 2:22 over Centennial E Smart (Graham Chappell) and Thelma's Time (Harold Livingston). Race 3 went to Jennie's Lad for Les Waite and owners Don Baker and Elmer Waite, they stopped the clock in 2:22, winning over Miss Sherri Plaid (Lloyd Smith) and Rock Leader (Donnie Gillis). Race 4 went to Gerard Smith's Triflite for Garth Schurman's first win of the afternoon, winning in 2:27 over Janet Star (Bill Companion) and Take Over (Clifford Chappell). Race 5 on the afternoon went to Super Spirit for owner/trainer/driver Donnie Gillis winning in 2:20.2 over Golden Diana (Paul MacKinnon) and Adios Isabel (Garth Schurman). Race 6 on the afternoon went to Fred Hodgen for William Livingston in 2:23 besting Grattan Diamond (Clint MacLeod) and Euchre Dan (Garth Schurman). The afternoon's seventh race top class on this Remembrance Day card went to Wendell Shaw's Shadydale Judge for Garth Schurman's second win on the afternoon winning in 2:19.3 for the fastest trip of the afternoon. Second was Fenway Boy (Lloyd Smith) and Bill's Lucky June (Graham Chappell) was third. The afternoon's final race number 8 went to Jennie's Boy for owner/trainer/driver Alyre Pineau in 2:30 over Miss Sheridan (Clint MacLeod) and Coronet (Lloyd Smith). It was also noted that the winning driver of each race was presented with a trophy! I decided to throw in another flashback for today's readers. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on these and I enjoy writing them.

November 18, 1972

Well the first official winter card of racing got underway on this date November 18, 1972 at the Summerside Raceway and Alyre Pineau had three winner's on the afternoon's card. Made Rite got the day underway for Graham Chappell and owner Blair Strongman for their second win in a row stopping the clock in 2:16.3 over Jennie's Lad (Les Waite) and Rock Leader (Donnie Gillis). Race 2 went to Elmer Smith's Cleos Delight for Alyre Pineau's first win of the day, stopping the clock in 2:19.3. Second was Lady's JW (Tom Turner) and Vivien Gallon (Roy Genge) was third. Race 3 saw Alyre pineau back in the winner's circle with Arnold Weeks' Wizzards Boy stopping the timer in 2:16, over NIce Boy (Ronnie Gass) and Sports Reporter (Graham Chappell). Race 4 went to Mirimachi Al for owner/trainer/driver Horace Willis winning in 2:19.3 over Hard Rock Harry (Bobby Craig) and Jennie's Boy (Alyre Pineau). Race 5 went to Charles Oakes' Link C for J. Allan Smith stopping the timer in 2:17 over Fred Hodgen (William Livingston) and Fancy Tag (Graham Chappell). Race 6 went to Mr. PL for Graham Chappell and owner Keith Mulligan winning in 2:19.2 over Centennial Leader (Lloyd Hannah) and Pine Ridge Marion (John L Bernard). Race 7 second heat of the double dash was won once again by Arnold Weeks' Wizzards Boy for Alyre Pineau's third win of the afternoon in 2:18 over Golden Dianna (Paul MacKinnon) and Nice Boy (Ronnie Gass). Stanley Mayhew's Drew Forever took the final race of the afternoon for Arnold Balcquiere and trainer Garth Schurman, (who was racing in Moncton on this day and won two races over there!). Drew Forever stopped the clock in 2:25 for his first lifetime win. Second was Pine Hill First (John L Bernard) and Samantha Shy (Bobby Craig) was third. That's how the racing unfolded on these two November weekends in 1972.

Until next time, I hope you're all in good health and I'll see you at the track!

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