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Eileen Beaton, Mary MacQuarrie and Sadie Ryan each has been involved in harness racing for almost fifty years. That tells me they dearly love this sport.

Eileen became involved as a child, as she grew up with the horses. She began jogging horses at the age of nine following in the footsteps of her father, Dan Alfred MacDonald who owned, trained, and drove horses. Her brother Donald D MacDonald also trained and drove horses. Eileen married Hugh John and they worked side by side with the horses. Their son, Scott is also involved in the sport.

Over the years, they had many horses. A few to mention, are Ronald Hanover, Sidwell Hanover, Radical Clip, and Merry Sprite. I think when talking to Eileen, Merry Sprite, seemed to get the nod as her favorite.

Mary MacQuarrie and her late husband Allister always had horses and they were never without a horse in the barn. Mary started jogging and training the horses when her husband had an electrical accident in 1977. She took over the reins. At the present time, there are four generations of Mary’s family involved in harness racing.

Her son Doug, as well as her grandson, Jamie Copley drove horses. Jamie went on to own and manage the Copley Stable at Rideau Carleton. Her son in laws, Jim Copley and Gary Delaney also trained and drove horses. Her granddaughter, Bridget , was the paddock judge in Inverness for a few years. Usually, you will see them all at the track on race-days, either helping her with the horses, or cheering.

Some of the horses, she has had include Danny Abbey, Ace In Hand, Taekwondo Kid and Majesty Becquet. At present, she is getting ready to jog and train her horse Jolts Virtue, preparing him for the summer meet. Not bad for an 82 year old lady!

Sadie Ryan from Port Hawkesbury is our third lady involved with harness racing.

Sadie along with her husband Charlie have been involved with the horses for as long as the other ladies. Charlie does the training, but Sadie does the work around the barn.

They travel down Route 19 on race day, an hour each way, to race the horse. Over the years, they had such horses like Secret Fuel, Ecology, Ryans Fancy and at present, Liams Dynasty.

These ladies are very dedicated to the sport, as you can see. They each became involved in their own way, but one thing they have in common, is the love for their horses, and the love for this sport.

They have been here, in the tough times and the good times. Over the years, they have seen a lot of changes and are surprised how things have progressed since they began. They have seen many people come and many people go, and the same with the horses. I have mentioned many of the horses they three ladies have owned but I am certain there are many more we forgot about.

One thing they do share is a long standing friendship. Even in the offseason, they sometimes meet up ; Sadie gives Mary a call in the spring to see how the horses are doing. Mary always brings the girls, her famous molasses cookies, a few times during the season. These are something Sadie and Eileen have to hide from their husbands, especially Charlie.

Hopefully ladies, you will be around for many years to come. Thank you for your dedication and what you have given over the years to this sport. Drive on ladies!

New Purchase:

Anthony Beaton & Robert Lemal purchased a seven year old Astronomical gelding, named Buttons. Good luck boys.

Two Year Olds In Training:

D C Frisco – Shawn MacDonald

Dimes From Heaven - Walter Walker/ Raymond MacKinnon Jr

Eastcoast Invader-Todd Sutherland

Goddard Western-Hugh MacEachern

Kim Ash- Roderick Smith

Kippers Best- Paul MacLean

Sadiemaesonherway-John W MacLellan

Tesse Ryan- Joe Janenga

Three Year Olds in Training

Alotta Rosie-Ann & Jim Copley

Donttellthewife- Blenis Young, Jeff Campbell, Kevin Teasdale, Luke Burke

Gentle Warrior-Joe Janenga

JGs Sparrow-Gus MacLean

JJs Knight Image-Eileen, Hugh John & Scott Beaton

Kaddymae-GG Mac Stable

Lastonestanding-Donald F Beaton & Donnie MacEachern

Miss Charlie James-Charles & Frank Fraser

Miss Dynamite D-Billy, Robert & Maria MacLeod

Quote: The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. Oprah Winfrey

Until next time…Keep Pacing!

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