I am intrigued by your recent opinion piece (Change dies in corrupted system, by Paul MacNeill). You are correct in your criticism of the abuse of the Westminster style of governance by the various governments PEI has endured. What confounds and confuses me is your support for the vile MGA - this act of 125 pages with not one clause that benefits Islanders, that are forced to amalgamate their communities.

An act designed to restrict and remove the democratic rights of the citizens illegally forced into amalgamation. An act that was manipulated by two years of secret meetings. An act that clearly violates the Canadian Charter of Rights in many areas. An act that should never have been signed by the Lieutenant Governor, and an act that has been abused by Elections PEI and IRAC, all who have lawyers that should be knowledgeable in the violations contained in it yet are complicit in its illegal implementation - making Islanders pay for duplication of services they already receive. And creating yet another level of petty governance and bureaucracy, with no accountability.

This is a far greater sin committed by the King government which only came to power on the promise of rescinding this act. Yet, you yourself, have failed to see the wrong in this travesty. We as Islanders are on the pathway to a four-year dictatorship.

Paul Smitz,


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