Charlotte MacAulay

From the outing of Prime Minister Trudeau’s costume choices decades ago, to Premier Dennis King’s derogatory tweets, the past year has brought to light what many call indiscretions that have no context today.

Countless letters to the editor and social media posts have revealed many people considered the actions of our now leaders minor faux pas that should have no bearing on how we judge their capability to govern.

Such phrases as “that is the way things were,” and one commentary referring to Premier King’s use of twitter as a “digital locker room” only serve to marginalize, even more so, the people who took exception to the pictures and words.

But let’s set aside the excuses.

Just because things were supposedly acceptable in times past doesn’t make them right.

Whether through fear, shame or stigma people have been conditioned to not speak up against racism or discrimination.

But times have changed and people now have the strength to speak out.

So be it a leader or the person on the street, it is time to realize your actions can have consequences.

People are people and no one is any better than anyone else.

Charlotte MacAulay

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