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Due to the recent circulation of counterfeit money across the province, Christmas Discounters in Montague is not accepting any $50 or $100 bills.

“Because there was so many in circulation it was easier to not accept them than to end up taking one that was not real,” manager Cindy MacLeod said.

Ms MacLeod was relieved to hear of the recent arrest of suspects allegedly responsible for the counterfeit bills. However, the policy will remain at the store until such time as they determine the fake bills are out of circulation.

For the most part customers have been very understanding, Ms MacLeod said.

Police made an arrest in Kensington on Monday believed to be connected to the counterfeit money.

The Prince District Joint Force Operations Unit, comprised of RCMP, Summerside, and Kensington Police members, executed a search warrant on a Kensington residence on Friday, August 16, 2019.

As a result, more than $4,500 in counterfeit money, a computer, printer, and other items used to produce counterfeit money were seized.

A 42-year old male and 32-year old female were arrested and will face charges related to possession of counterfeit money and making counterfeit money.

Kings District Sergeant Howard Fitzpatrick said the counterfeit bills, $50 and $100 have been popping up across the province, a lot of times at venues where people don’t have time to check bill’s authenticity.

It appears the counterfeiters were taking $5 and $10, cutting out the clear panel and taping them onto printed copies of money.

“The money, when you actually look close at it, is obvious it’s not real,” Sgt Fitzpatrick said.

The Joint Task Force investigation is ongoing.

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