The MV Confederation is back in service after dense fog caused the ferry to strike a fixed structure while docking in Wood Islands on June 7. 

“The ship came into contact with the concrete cap of a dolphin at very slow speed," Don Cormier, vice-president of Northumberland Ferries said this week.

The ship sustained minor damage which was repaired before the summer ferry schedule began last Sunday.

Mr Cormier said there was no service disruption other than one sailing on June 7th. 

“The berth and the ship were available for service,” he said. “We chose to repair the slight damage to the bumper at this time rather than wait. 

Mr Cormier said some infrastructure and two other crib dolphins may be removed in the future. 

"These are old and not in good condition.” 

A dolphin is a fixed aquatic structure which protrudes above the water to extend a berth or protect vulnerable markers, bridges or other infrastructure from damage should they be struck by a ship.

“The MV Holiday Island is normally in service so what we did was actually return to the original (spring) operating plan,” he said.  

Both the MV Holiday Island and MV Confederation, which sail between Wood Islands and Caribou, Nova Scotia were in service on Sunday, June 16 as planned. 

"Other than one departure, all sailings were performed on schedule and in accordance with our 2019 operating plan.”

NFL runs five crossings a day from May 1 to June 15, adding two more runs from June 16 to June 27 and two more between June 29 and September 2.

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love my home town of Pei

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