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The weekend of September 7 and 8 will see the return of the Nao Santa Maria Tall Ship to Georgetown for a two-day visit. The ship will be sailing from its home port of Huelva, Spain and making its Canadian debut in the Capital of Kings County. The ship was built in 2018 and is a replica of the famous vessel of the same name. On October 12, 1492, led by Christopher Columbus, it played the main role in one of the most important historic events: the discovery of America. The Three Rivers Sportsplex fundraising committee will hold a barbecue at the wharf both days from 12-4 pm. The public is invited to tour the ship from 10 am to 8 pm. Tickets cost $10 for adults, $5 for kids or $25 per family (Canadian currency). The family ticket includes two adults and up to three children age 5-10 years. A fourth child pays $5. The Kings Playhouse will also hold a La Noche Deliciosa aboard the ship on Saturday evening. It will be an evening of fine music, flamenco dancing, drinks and tapas. Tickets can be purchased at the Kings Playhouse by contacting Haley Zavo at 1-888-346-5666. The evening will feature fine fare from celebrated Island chef Robert Pendergast, music and flamenco dancing by Maria Osende and signature cocktails.

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I went to the last visit by this ship, with a friend who drove down from the north part of the island. After two and half hours waiting in the blazing sun while a bunch of young Spanish 'sailors' strolled slowly up into Georgetown for lunch and others puttered around on deck we demanded our money back and left. There was no apparent reason why the handful of people waiting to see a few square feet of deck and something belowdecks couldn't have been welcomed aboard. They just ignored us. ¡Pues, que se vayan al diablo!


Also, it's no more a 'sailing ship' than I am the Prince of Asturias. It's propelled by two big bronze propellers and the sails and rigging are about as real as false eyelashes.

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