Montague resident Robert Mazerolle was jolted awake early Sunday morning when a car slammed through the side of his Riverside Drive residence.

Mr Mazerolle was asleep on a couch in the same room that was extensively damaged in the 5:30 am crash. 

He was not injured.

Mr Mazerolle said he heard a noise but it took a few minutes for him to realize just feet away debris was scattered throughout the living room and the front of a mid-size car had smashed through a wall and his west-facing door.

He explained that his girlfriend, who was in an adjoining room, often sleeps on a second couch in the living room. That couch is across the room from where he was sleeping and on the same wall that is now broken drywall, a splintered door frame and strewn pink insulation.

Mr Mazerolle has a prosthetic leg and depends on a motorized scooter to get around. The machine was partially hidden under a large amount of debris and he worried the seat may be broken but he couldn’t reach it to check it out.

The owner of the home could not be confirmed but Mr Mazerolle thought he may be out of province so he wasn’t sure on the status of insurance. 

He expected the caretaker would visit sometime on Monday and hoped the gaping hole would be secured with plywood.

Mr Mazerolle and some friends suspected the driver of the vehicle, a 28-year old female, struck the guardrail on the old Montague bridge before her vehicle continued out of control and struck the house. Both the driver and a passenger appeared to have been able to get out of the vehicle on their own.

Mr Mazerolle said he has been living in the house for eight years and had never experienced anything like this before, nor does he care to.

The driver, from Charlottetown, was arrested on the scene for Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle. She was taken to the Montague Detachment where she provided two breath samples twice the legal limit.

The woman's vehicle was impounded and she was released on a promise to appear in Georgetown Court at a later date.

Kings District RCMP investigated the incident.

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