Three Rivers

The Three Rivers logo is completed but has not yet been made public.

Council passed a motion Monday night to spend $22,000 to put up signs, change the logo on existing equipment, incorporate letterhead and begin community engagement projects.

Councillors voted 10-2 in favour of the expenditure. The motion was opposed by Councillors Cody Jenkins and Cindy MacLean.

There was a lot of discussion as to whether the brand should be rolled out in one big splash or gradually.

CAO Jill Walsh said the logo is built and she sees a need to put it in the public eye sooner rather than later.

“There is another side we need to consider and that is the people coming on staff that no one knows yet, and the trucks going out around the country that still say Town of Montague and Town of Georgetown,” Ms Walsh said.

“There is no urgency to have a big launch,” Mayor Ed MacAulay said.

What is more important is continuing on with the business of the day, he said.

Former incorporated communities within the Three Rivers boundaries will have their websites back online until such time as the Three Rivers website is updated to include all relevant, up-to-date information.

Council voted 8-4 to reinstate the websites of Georgetown, Montague, Brudenell and Lower Montague. Cardigan, which is part of was never taken down.

“It's confusing to have old stuff up with old councils,” CAO Walsh said.

Councillor Jenkins brought the motion forward and said there isn’t a problem with having historical information out there.

“We aren’t doing it long-term so does it hurt us to have that information out there?” he said.

Councillor Jenkins said, right now it's more important to have the tourism information in a place where people can easily access it.

Councillor Gerard Holland agreed.

“If we choose not to do this we are telling our business community they aren’t important."

Debbie Johnston, one of four councillors who voted against the motion, said she has not heard any complaints from businesses.

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