Murray harbour

Murray Harbour Community Council will hold a special public meeting in August to discuss grants and gas tax. Traditionally council does not meet that month.

A number of topics were discussed at the July meeting.

Among those are: An additional flag pole will be erected at the front of the Murray Harbour Community Centre at a cost of just under $900.

A committee will be formed to determine potential sites for a permanent memorial to fishermen lost at sea. Murray Harbour resident Shawn Landon will join current Councillors Carol White and Sandra Gordon in researching a site. Their findings will be brought back to council for consideration.

Council will call for tenders for both insurance coverage and an auditor.

A motion was also passed unanimously to apply for a permanent liquor licence for the community centre. Voting in favour were Councillors Carol White, Sandra Gordon, Debbie Shea, Marlene MacNeill and Deputy Mayor Glenn White. Councillor Margaret VanIderstine was absent. The licence would allow the community to expand promotion of the centre. Licensed activities would be regulated by council including bartenders and security if warranted.

Up and coming: Murray Harbour Day. Date and time will be announced later.

More than $2,000 was raised from Canada Day activities and a cake auction. The final tally is expected in the coming weeks.

The village will look into an agreement with Maritime Electric in regards to a tree planting project. The deadline to apply is July 19 and council will seek additional information on the types of trees and who decides their location.

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