Charlotte MacAulay

There is no doubt the emergency room at Kings County Memorial Hospital in Montague needs an overhaul and service must be restored.

It is abominable residents have been left hanging for a decade since the hospital’s ER switched from 24 hour care to first 14 hours and since last spring 12 hours.

It was one of the most talked about issues on the campaign trail during the recent provincial election and all candidates vowed to reinstate the 24-hour service.

But not one committed to bringing back full service. Rather they all talked about keeping the ER open through a variety of health care providers.

The now governing PCs campaigned on establishing a Collaborative Emergency Centre, similar to Western Hospital in Alberton.

But before implementing that model officials should take a good look at how well it is working out.

Staff shortages have led to several closures since December of 2018.

With the prior knowledge of a seemingly, growing problem with the hospital in the west a great deal of caution needs to be taken to ensure the same issues don’t challenge the east.

As with most of the inefficiencies of our health care system, it all leads back to staff shortages.

It is obvious you can’t run an emergency room, or any other health care facility, without people to staff it. But the fact remains health care services are a vital part of our communities.

We need a fix and we need it now.

Charlotte MacAulay

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