Montague Intermediate

There’s no guarantee the gym floor at Montague Consolidated will be replaced although the project was ready to go to tender before the April election.

The floor replacement, which sat at number 11 was taken off the province’s to-do list, but, according to Montague/Kilmuir MLA Cory Deagle, it’s back on again and he’s hoping the most recent decision will stick.

“They told me they are doing what they can,” Mr Deagle said.

“I was told by the time it was ready to go out to tender the $2 million set aside for education capital projects had been used up for this year.”

The work was estimated to cost $10,000.

It is also unclear as to when the renovations at Kings County Memorial Hospital, first announced in February, will go ahead.

Tenders closed for upgrades to the lab and renovations to the entry to the Montague hospital, but no one from Health PEI or the province’s Transportation Department was available for an update.

Mr Deagle said there is no doubt the renovations need to happen but health care in the area needs other upgrades as well.

“I think the bigger picture is how much more money do we keep pouring into a building that is 50-years old and do we need to look at replacing it?” he said.

“We’ve outgrown the hospital and the health centre. Perhaps we can look at combining those into one where we can have collaborative care all under one roof.”

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