It is cautionary that a small group of people occupy so much space in the public square expressing vehement opposition to the basic human rights of Canadian citizens; rights such as the freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of conscience. I refer to the position pro-abortion people are advancing that Robert Mitchell should resign as Liberal leader because he attended a public and provincial pro-life rally, the March for Life which is in support of babies being born.

We appreciate Mr Mitchell’s integrity to hear all his constituents and although we cannot offer him our support as a pro-choice politician, we do acknowledge and defend his rights to the basic freedoms of assembly, thought, speech and conscience. Similarly, the press reports a pro-abortion supporter received threats to their safety; so have members of our organization. These have been reported to the police. Threats and violence have no place in our society or discourse whether the discussion is about political resignations, abortion or any other subject.

This marked difference of position concerning the Liberal leader is an illustration of the fundamental difference between pro-life supporters and pro-abortion supporters. Pro-life supporters acknowledge, recognize and support the rights of others particularly the right to life which pro-abortion supporters do not uphold. Pro-abortionist organizers excel at avoiding the truth of when a baby becomes human. To conceal this basic human and scientific truth, they rely on suppressing or denying these fundamental rights. We challenge the minority of people who support abortion under any means, and we challenge any elected politician who is pro-choice, to tell us on a scientific, moral or theological basis when does a baby become a human being if not at conception?

Pro-abortionists do not represent the majority of Canadians Canada. In a recent poll only 16 per cent of Canadians, that’s less than two in 10 Canadians, think abortion for any reason is acceptable. This attempted oppression of basic human rights has no place in Canada. Especially unwelcome is the tyranny of a minority position with no legal, constitutional or civilized basis to stand on.

Canada has no law on abortion. This stunningly includes the ability to abort a baby in the womb up to nine months. By being in the company of the totalitarian governments of North Korea and China, Canada disgraces itself as one of only three countries in the world with no abortion law. Even on a world-wide basis, a law-less position on abortion is a minority position.

The PEI Right to Life Association stands for protecting the baby in the womb and not for an alleged right to take a baby’s life, thus we do not agree with Mr. Mitchell on his anti-life stance. However, we uphold that Mr Mitchell, and the pro-abortionists demanding his resignation, have the right to freedom of assembly, thought, speech, and conscience and, above all, the right to life. These rights, which are rooted in the right to life, remain universally declared and should never be compromised in Canada. The fundamental truth of humanness is that babies should not be aborted and that fundamental truth will spread in laws throughout civilized nations. Though he should have learned from the last election, pro-abortion politicians such as Mr Mitchell will learn in time that pro-life votes matter.

Thank you.

By Pat Wiedemer,

Executive Director,

PEI Right to Life

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