Three Rivers action plan on unsightly properties is moving ahead.

Council has issued a permit to the owner for the demolition of a derelict house on the corner of George and Kent Streets in Georgetown. 

Council contacted the owners of four properties in Georgetown and Montague last month to request their compliance under the Dangerous, Hazardous and Unsightly Premises bylaw. The property owner at 33 Elm Street in Montague will have until July 5 to complete the demolition or make arrangements for its timely deconstruction.

Failure to comply would result in Three Rivers completing the work and placing a lien on the property to recover the costs should the property be sold in the future.

The province has indicated it will erect temporary fencing and clean up the property around Holy Trinity Anglican Church, at 45 Victoria Street in Georgetown. 


Three Rivers Council named the property as one of four needing immediate repairs or demolition, in keeping with the town’s bylaws.

Plans are in the works to save the building but no details have yet been made public. The town has requested an action plan from the province by July 5.

The absentee owner of 133 Elm Street in Montague did not respond to a letter sent to their last known mailing address, requesting they clean up the property or submit their plans to do so to the town by July 5. A registered letter will be sent informing the owner of council’s plans.

Council will arrange the demolition if the owner doesn’t respond by that date, and a lien will be placed on the property.

The fourth property slated for demolition at the owner’s expense is situated at 9 Riverside Drive in Montague.

The owner will receive a registered letter as final notice requesting the property be made safe and clean by July 5. 

If the owner does not respond with a plan to either clean up or tear down the building, Three Rivers will initiate actions to have the work done and place a lien against future sale of the property.

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