We have some solid information that will shock some Islanders. Be assured we do not wish to be alarmist, however, if true, this information calls into question the very operation of our government, and helps explain the cynicism many share about the democratic process.

Those unfamiliar with the inner workings of government assume the premier and his cabinet ministers run the departments and make the day-to-day decisions, but that is not the whole story. Consider that the elected ministers often have no knowledge or experience whatsoever in the particular mandate of their department. How could they possibly come in - essentially off the street - knowing enough about health care, education, the environment etc to make crucial decisions.

Much, of course, depends on the individual ministers - their level of intelligence, life experiences, determination and self-confidence. But, for the most part, it is the deputy ministers, ADMs and political advisers that run the show, and the lobbyists who are in their ear every day. The ministers and the premier are often just the front people and spokespersons.

None of our current minority government members, including Premier King, have experience in actual governance. None. That said, many of us believe most all of them are good people. They ran on an ethical, progressive platform. They were/are sincere in wanting to help PEI. So far, their egos are not out of control. But something odd is afoot. There is silence from our government on a number of important issues. Many campaign promises are so far unfulfilled. There is no sign of the promised openness and accessibility. Many access to information requests are being ignored by bureaucrats contrary to the law. Announcements from the premier and cabinet are essentially inane; “We’re not happy if there is a loophole in the LPA”. That’s it? An issue this vital and that’s all you have to say? How can that be?

Now comes the shock Islanders. We have been informed by multiple reliable inside sources that cabinet ministers and even Premier King himself are being directed by bureaucrats and political advisers ... a veritable shadow government. We have reason to believe this hidden power (perhaps because of the minority situation) is much bolder than previously. Ministers are kept in the dark and denied information from their own departments. Imagine.

We are informed by insiders that the agenda proposed by the King government in the election campaign is not acceptable to those behind the scenes. They have different priorities. Priorities that benefit certain special interests and individuals. Millions of dollars are at stake, however, they may have overplayed their hand by assuming the elected officials would not speak out. In a word, they underestimated their integrity by assuming a universal desire to keep their positions would ensure silence.

These figures behind the scenes, many of whom came to prominence during the Ghiz regime, have forgotten that our elected officials DO have the final word. Our representatives were elected by the people of PEI to look after our interests. Who will Islanders support when all this corruption is exposed? We will support those we elected, so long as they speak out now about the situation they have encountered. If they don’t they run the very real risk of becoming the agents, not of the people, but of established special interests.

We’ve all had enough of the shady manipulators. There may well be a rebellion on the horizon ... soon. We hope Premier King leads it.

David Weale

Dale Small

Wayne Carver

Chris Wall

John E. Clow

Vision PEI

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Ian Carter

Advisors advise. Ministers govern.

David Backman

It took s while, but now I understand that “Islanders will be shocked” was sarcasm, a joke, I feel like a fool. Very funny though, I’m laughing out loud.

David Backman

I, for one, am not shocked. All of my friends and colleagues are not as well. Great article, I consider David Weale a celebrity to Islanders, by the way. My grandfather explained island politics the same way in the 70s. Is it the media that thinks the population are fools, but lately, our government seems to have turned evil, resentful, and cold. I know Dennis King from “back in the day” and he had to be one of greatest guys at the high school. Will he stand up to the “shadow government” that this article talks about? How can he? The elite have enough money and power to cripple the islands economy. Which would only hurt the working class, real islanders, that use they’re hands and muscles to keep the cogs turning. Instead of respect, people like us are considered disposable to the tax avoiders and polluters. My grandfather knew this, he was a barber, and his clients had the same perspective. So, who out there is shocked by this information? Regardless, I was happy to see something said in the paper about it, I feel like someone could change things, for the children’s sake anyways.


Thank you for your work and information people.

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