Kings County Courthouse

In Georgetown Provincial Court on Thursday, September 12 a 16-year old youth pled guilty to theft.

Early in August, the manager of a Kings County business contacted police reporting an employee was observed pocketing a $50 bill while operating the cash.

The money was recovered, once the employee was confronted and when police arrived the accused admitted to taking the money.

The youth was arrested.

In the course of the arrest police found a small quantity of cannabis in the youth’s possession.

In court, Judge Nancy Orr sentenced the youth to 30 hours of community service and 12 months probation.

Probation conditions include writing a 750 word essay on the adverse effects of cannabis on youth, a letter of apology to the business and is banned from entering the business for the duration of the probation.


Tyler Mark Rose, 23 of Lower Rollo Bay, pled guilty to impaired driving and was sentenced to three days in jail.

The court heard that on July 11 police received a call about the accused driving from North Lake to Souris after consuming alcohol and was observed swerving on the road.

When police encountered the accused in his vehicle he was doing 70 km/h in a 50km zone.

During the roadside check Mr Rose at first denied he had been drinking, but then admitted to having a couple of beer before driving.

He failed the roadside test and was taken to the Souris RCMP Detachment where two breathalyzer readings of 110 mg were recorded.

Mr Rose is to pay a $1,000 fine and loses his driver’s licence for one year.


Logan Gabriel Solomon, 27, pled guilty to breach of a no-contact provision of a probation order.

The order, which was given to Mr Solomon back in February 2018 after he was found guilty of assault stated he was to have no contact with the victim while intoxicated.

On August 10 police were called to a residence in Green Meadows after Mr Solomon, who was highly intoxicated at the time, had made his way into the house and had to be escorted out. He wasn’t at the residence when police arrived but was arrested the next day.

Sentencing on the matter was adjourned until October 10 in order for probation services to provide an updated probation report to the court.

At the time of the August offense 12 days remained on the 2018 probation order.


Jerald Allen Sentes, 60 of Fortune Bridge, was found guilty, after a trial, of driving without due care and attention.

On August 9 Mr Sentes was issued a ticket for the driving offense after a witness called RCMP to report the accused had passed a tractor trailer with another vehicle coming in the opposite direction causing them both to go onto the shoulder to avoid a collision.

In court the judge heard from both drivers as well as the officer who issued the ticket.

Witnesses said the incident occurred on a hill on Route 4 just outside of Bridgetown.

Mr Sentes was given a $500 fine and is to pay $75 administrative surcharge.

The original ticket issued was for $275.

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