Georgetown Court

In Georgetown Provincial Court on Thursday, August 29 April Dawn Flaglor, 29 of Montague, was sentenced to seven days in jail for impaired driving.

Police were called to High Bank on August 1 where the accused was parked precariously on the side of the road close to the ditch. In addition to finding one empty and another partially empty liquor bottle in the vehicle, officers detected the odour of alcohol and Ms Flaglor’s speech was slurred. She failed a roadside test and was taken to the Montague RCMP Detachment where two breathalyzer readings of 250 and 240mg were taken.

Ms Flaglor loses her driver’s license for one year and must pay a $2,000 fine along with a Victims of Crime Surcharge of $600.


William Alfred Jadis, 26 of Scotchfort, pled guilty to impaired driving.

The court heard police responded to an accident in Gaspereaux on July 31 where Mr Jadis was found to be the driver of a vehicle with open liquor inside.

Mr Jadis failed a roadside test and was taken the Montague RCMP Detachment where two breathalyzer readings of 260 mg were taken.

Defense council requested a Gladue report (pre-sentence report for individuals of indigenous decent), therefore the matter was adjourned for sentencing until October 31.


Cody Allen MacDonald, 31 of Marie, pled guilty to careless storage of a firearm and received a $1,000 fine and a five year weapon’s prohibition..

Police were called to a disturbance in Marie on the evening of July 5. When they arrived the altercation had ceased, but police noticed three rifles on a rack on the wall that were not secured and bullets were stored nearby. The guns, bullets and a crossbow were seized and it was determined Mr MacDonald had no license for the weapons.

According to Mr MacDonald two of the guns are family heirlooms he inherited and he put in a request to have them returned to a family member who does have a valid license. The other rifle and the crossbow will be kept by police and most likely destroyed.


Torson Nicholas Ohlandt, 41 of Montague, pled guilty to fraud and was given a jail sentence of 20 days.

In early June, over the course of two days Mr Ohlandt cashed two cheques at a Kings County business. It was later determined there was no money in the account to cover the cheques. Restitution of $315 has already been paid to the business.

Mr Ohlandt who is already serving time for theft was given the 20 day sentence to be served consecutive to any other time in custody.

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