Islanders want the opportunity to find a well paying job, but right now things are getting harder and harder.

Employment insurance deductions are going up, taxes are going up, the carbon tax makes the price of everything we buy go up, investment continues to leave PEI and Canada, and our well paying jobs are leaving with it. Things feel uncertain for a lot of people.

I encourage Premier Dennis King and his PC Party to stabilize the political and regulatory environment to attract investment.

We need to reduce obstacles for small and medium business owners and recognize their valuable contribution to the job market. The King Government needs to lower taxes so we can have more left for ourselves each month.

A strong economic backbone creates the conditions for prosperity and allows for long-term meaningful investment in the government programs that matter to Islanders. Plus, the more money Islanders have the more they can give to their communities and support the causes they believe in.

As a volunteer, I have seen just how generous our communities are but sadly, there are more and more people who need help. Helping our most vulnerable, our seniors, our families, and giving young people a good start in life is a priority. It starts with good economic policy and attitudes and really encourage the King Government to ensure we are in the best position as a province as possible.

J&K Reynolds,


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I'm confused. So, after years of MacLauchlan boasting about how economically wonderful everything was on (what did he call it?) the 'mighty island' now you're bemoaning all this misery demanding a PC premier to make it all wonderful.

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