Last month the movie Unplanned was released in theatres across Canada but not in PEI. We, the PEI Right to Life Association, took it upon ourselves to organize venues all across PEI for viewing. Showings have already been held at the Holy Redeemer Church, Charlottetown, Summerside Community Church and St Mary’s Parish Hall in , Souris. There will be a showing tonight at Lanes Riverhouse Inn, Montague; Aug 8 St Anthony’s Parish Hall, Bloomfield/O’Leary; Aug 9 Summerside Community Church, Aug 10, Faithworks, North Wiltshire; and Aug 13 at Alberton Baptist Church, Alberton. Tickets can be purchased at or at the door. All shows at 7pm.

The movie is controversial because the pro-abortion movement, that makes so much about a person’s right to choose, doesn’t want people to have a choice to see the movie or attend a pro-life rally and are actively trying to block people from having the choice to choose. It is sad to say but the truth is that there are elected MP’s and MLA’s who are supporting a government that is actively working against Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Artistic Expression and even worse, they are supporting moral censorship against the belief that unborn babies have the right to live. For this reason, we are publicly inviting and sending a personal invitation to our elected officials to attend a viewing of the movie Unplanned which examines the reality of abortion. Abortion is not really an issue about choice, the reality is, it is about killing babies, right here in our own province and country.

Pro-abortionists and the Trudeau government rely on not having a real discussion about when human life begins and when should a baby’s life be protected in law. In fact, it is a real disgrace to the reputation of Canada as a charitable nation, the Trudeau government ties support for abortion to financial aid to underdeveloped countries. This is a black mark against Canada, how uncharitable it is to insist that a country in desperate need of aid succumb to a policy of killing babies in order to help the poor. Some countries are opting out of aid because they have greater dignity than Canada and aren’t willing to sell themselves out of the life values they hold sacred. Sadly, our own Island parliamentarians voted in support of this policy; shame on them, shame on us.

Because a truthful, sober view of reality is needed, we particularly invite Ministers Lawrence MacAulay, Wayne Easter, Shawn Casey, and Robert Morrissey to view the film and really articulate the brutal policy they are supporting. We also invite Premier Dennis King, Opposition Leader Peter Bevan Baker and Liberal Leader Robert Mitchell to attend with their caucus members.

Surely these elected leaders will have the strength to stand up and show support for freedoms of expression which are being bitterly opposed by pro-abortionists and also to view a film which will confront their views on a policy that should cease: abortion of babies at home and promoting of abortion of babies abroad. After all, its 2019 and surely, we can open ourselves to welcoming human life and taking care of babies that are born into our communities.

Pat Wiedemer,

Executive Director

PEI Right to Life Association

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This article uses the term pro-abortion - I have never, ever heard that voiced by anyone who is pro-choice.


There is always something so profoundly un-democratic about Christianity. Christians love having the power available if they win an election in countries like Canada but they essentially reject and condemn any opinion or law they oppose even though those laws are in place through a democratic process. Christianity has this tendency towards intolerance and, ultimately, fascism. No one 'prohibited' the showing of this movie here. And supporting pro-choice does not, in a truly democratic country, make you a murderous henchman of Satan. Most Christians, especially the evangelical ones I have known, have a very distorted view of the world and of history. Let me just point out that Christianity in the Roman Empire was persecuted for this very same fascist attitude of 'my way or the highway'. No other reason. Disrespect for the state, it's laws, other religions and the legal status of women was not tolerated by Rome - and that is precisely how Christianity conducts itself. I find in this comment the idea of an 'invitation' to the premier and MLA's to see this movie fascinating. I imagine the kind of invitation you really mean... loaded at gunpoint into buses, taken to an open field to watch the movie, then if they don't abjure their pro-choice support, marched off to the edge of a pit and dealt with. The anger, and contempt and implications of criminality in this letter truly are frightening. But then again, get on the wrong side of a fundamentalist Christian and you should be worried!

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