Riverview Manor

An oil spill at the aging Riverview Manor in Montague was reported to the Department of Communities, Land and Environment last Thursday, November 10.

An employee at the manor noticed the fuel oil leak at a supply line near a heating boiler in the basement.

“A contractor was called in to repair the leak and begin an initial assessment of what clean up will be required and how to carry out this process,” a spokesperson for province said.

A soil sample from a sump area in the basement near the spill was taken but at this point, the volume of fuel lost is still unknown.

“We have advised staff that a clean up needs to begin immediately in order to minimize further impacts.

An environmental consultant will be hired to begin this work,” the government spokesperson said.

For the past year, the Riverview Manor has been a bone of contention in the community as the new facility promised by government in 2009 has still not been constructed.

“Last week a staff member detected a fuel odor while in the boiler room. A contractor was immediately contacted to determine the source. It was discovered that a fuel line had been compromised and that a nominal amount of fuel had bled through the concrete inside the boiler room (concrete appeared to be damp). A section of the fuel line was temporarily replaced and damp concrete cleaned up. Manor administration is working with the contractor to implement a permanent solution," said a spokesperson for Health PEI.
"The quick response of our staff ensured that the situation was immediately addressed. Resident care and safety was not compromised and there have been no reports of staff or resident illness as a result of the incident.”

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