Eastern Kings wind farm

Councillors of the Rural Municipality of Eastern Kings have voted unanimously on a motion that variances of any type will not be considered in the proposed PEI Energy Corporation (PEIEC) wind farm.

Council is adamant applications requesting any changes in the community’s bylaw will not be considered. This pertains to PEIEC’s request to erect wind turbines closer than acceptable to the shoreline.

Councillor Anne MacPhee proposed the motion at the community’s regular meeting last week.

“Without all the information we are a long way from reaching a decision,” Councillor MacPhee said.

PEIEC submitted a proposal back in the winter to add a 30 megawatt wind farm to the area and submitted preliminary applications for development permits to the municipality several weeks ago.

The applications contained a request to allow the turbines to be put within the setback stipulated in the community’s bylaw.

Although the variance question is off the table, applications are still pending.

“No matter if you are for or against (wind turbines) it is hard to visualize what they will look like,” Councillor David Stewart said, noting the proposed windmills are expected to be larger than the existing turbines.

CAO Ron Coffin said narrowing down the parameters allows for more specific information to be submitted from the Energy Corp, such as location and wind turbine sizes.

“This is in fact consistent with the municipality’s plan, and their bylaws, and is also consistent with any discussion the municipality has had over the last five years with the PEIEC regarding the possible further development of the site in Eastern Kings,” Mr Coffin said.

“The process is nowhere near done, but it will certainly allow the municipality, the community and PEIEC to focus on the one possibility.”

Mayor Grace Cameron and Councillor Bernadette MacInboth left the meeting prior to talks on the wind turbines citing conflict of interest.

In other council news a new logo was approved for the municipality. The design was submitted by resident Christine Gowland.

The logo depicting the sun and sea will be adopted by the community and used on letterhead as well as two new signs to be placed at the entrance points to the community later this year.

The next council meeting is scheduled for September 10.

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