Ed macAulay

Three Rivers Mayor Ed MacAulay

Finding space for Three Rivers administrative offices, but not necessarily a town hall, is the priority at this point in time says Mayor Ed MacAulay.

A committee comprised of the mayor, Deputy Mayor Debbie Johnston, Councillor Cody Jenkins and Councillor Ronnie Nicholson was struck at the regular monthly meeting of council Monday night with a mandate to review the needs of administration.

“We are expediently trying to get this issue resolved,” Mayor MacAulay said.

“Council doesn’t see the need to build a town hall right now.

“Where office space is our priority, we want to look at that before we go any further into the area of building a town hall.”

Administrative staff for the municipality is currently working out of two locations, the Civic Building in the former town of Georgetown and a trailer on the property where the former Montague Town Hall was destroyed by fire a year ago.

Insurance from that fire will be used to cover the cost of a Town Hall.

A timeline of August 2020 for beginning any construction was stipulated in a letter to council from the insurance company.

A cash value payment of $630,000 could be topped up to $950,000 as long as construction begins before the 2020 deadline.

The committee will report back to council at the September 9 meeting and from there potential properties, with or without buildings already on them, will be looked at.

In other council news, motions were passed to accept tenders on several community projects in Georgetown and Cardigan.

Improvements to Three Rivers Sportsplex, at a total cost of $422,000, will be funded through gas tax funds and a shortfall of $35,000 will be made up with Municipal Capital Expenditure Funds.

In addition council voted to accept the tender for $95,785 for a replacement Zamboni for the facility.

It is expected the renovations will delay the opening of the rink until mid November.

In Cardigan, a contract for the demolition and site restoration of a property on Chapel Road commonly referred to as Crawford House property, was awarded to Kings County Construction in the amount of $9,898.

The Cardigan Community Development Association will take on the task of enhancing green space on the Cardigan waterfront and once completed it will be maintained by the town.

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