Heather Moore

There’s one sure-fire way to ensure large corporations, or any company, hears your voice.

Make your issue known and don’t patronize them. It’s that simple.

Without your dollars perhaps their audible aversion to hearing your words of protest will solve the problem forthwith.

In a world sometimes more often fiction than fact, ie: Facebook, twitter etc, a petition is making the rounds in the hopes the coffee giant, Tim Hortons, will switch to recyclable cup lids.

The motive behind the plea is naively ambitious. Consumers often fail to realize each time the name of a franchise is repeated it equates to free advertising for the same company they are rebuking for using the non-recyclable lids.

So, let’s say a mere 500 people share, sign or support just one petition in any number of public ways the name is broadcast an equal number of times. It matters not if the reference is positive or negative a logo image pops up in your head and sticks there like a gooey Boston Cream donut.

For the record many coffee shops and eateries offering take-out service have already jumped on board the let’s make the planet a better place wagon. That includes a number of smaller local businesses.

However, the previously mentioned coffee giant has more than 4,600 stores worldwide and claims to sell two billion cups of coffee every year.

That computes to a lot of non-recycable coffee cup covers to potentially end up in landfills, roads or private property.

But if you don’t patronize them until they make the appropriate changes, the covers will remain in-store. There, problem solved.

First class at a hefty price

During a recent visit to a market in London, England, Murray River couple Donna and Randy Hume found cooked Canadian lobster selling for 66 Pounds per kg. That’s equivalent to about $112. 50 Canadian.

Meanwhile PEI fishermen are being paid about $5-$5.50 per pound for a comparable size canner lobster.

We can only assume the lobster being sold abroad must have travelled First Class and not economy across the Atlantic.

Heather Moore is editor of The Eastern Graphic. She can be reached at editor@peicanada.com

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