Mayor Ed Macaulay

It took several attempts at amendments to the remuneration bylaw for Three Rivers Council to settle on their pay going forward.

In the end, there was a unanimous vote to raise the mayor and deputy mayor’s remuneration to $15,000 and $8,200 respectively. Council voted not to increase the rate paid to councillors, opting to maintain payment at $5,100.

An amendment proposed by Councillors Debbie Johnston and Cody Jenkins to use numbers adding up to the $100,000, as was stipulated in the Memorandum of Settlement (MOS) laid out when amalgamation took place a year ago, was voted down.

Councillor Gerard Holland then proposed higher pay for the mayor and deputy mayor saying it was unfair the mayor had to give up employment to take on the position.

Mayor Ed MacAulay insisted he didn’t want to be singled out.

“That was my choice to give those up to do this job,” Mayor MacAulay said. “We are all here by personal choice and none of us should be singled out.”

“I think when we all offered for our positions we knew it was going to impact our life and lifestyle and we all volunteer in some capacity. We have to think about the volunteers coming behind us too.”

The vote on the amendment was four opposed: Councillors Cameron MacLean, John MacFarlane, David McGrath and Deputy Mayor Debbie Johnston. Six Councillors voting for it were Gerard Holland, Jane King, Isaac MacIntyre, Ronnie Nicholson Allan Munro and Cody Jenkins. Councillor Wayne Spin left the meeting early prior to the vote.

The remuneration bylaw includes a stipulation to pay $50 per meeting to all non council members of committees.

Another review of remuneration must take place 12 months before the next election.

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