Reply to Tim Quinn’s Letter to the Editor ‘ATVs have no place on the Confederation trail’

Like Mr Quinn, I too am a homeowner and a taxpayer. I am also a lifelong permanent resident of PEI, 50 years and counting. I’m just a simple farm worker. I own an ATV, spent quite a bit of money to purchase it and was taxed accordingly by my provincial government. I register and insure my ATV, more money towards my provincial government.

It is great to see the PEI government starting to open up to the positive economic impact the sport of ATVing can contribute to the Island.

The ATV community is growing by leaps and bounds on PEI, all through the volunteer efforts of its members. An Island-wide ATV trail system is the eventual goal. Most of these trails will be on private land with landowner’s permission. Because the Confederation Trail runs from one end of the Island to the other, there will be areas where proposed ATV trails will intersect the Confederation Trail. With proper signage and sight lines, these crossings would be as safe as any place where the Confederation Trail meets a public roadway. Crossing the Confederation Trail at strategic areas is essential to creating ATV trails. Having access to linear tracts of the Confederation Trail is NOT necessary, nor is it desirable.

As far as ATVs being a “high risk “ activity, I wholeheartedly agree. So also is driving a motorcycle, riding a horse, crossing the street, plus countless other daily activities. We must take precautions and do the required due diligence to ensure our own safety. Should we stop doing activities others deem “unsafe”? We as individuals must determine the size of the bubble we live in.

I do respect the opinions and views of others. Mr Quinn, I thank you for your letter. It is your opinion and although I disagree with most of it, I’m sure it has been the topic of discussion for many on both sides of the issue.

To Honourable Stephen Myers, I thank you for considering the requests made by the PEI ATV Federation for selected strategic crossings of the Confederation trail to allow expansion of existing and future ATV trails.

As a full-time resident of PEI and one who actually has the ability to vote for our provincial government, I hope the proposed legislative changes allowing ATVs to cross the Confederation Trail come to fruition.

As you can tell by now, I really enjoy riding my ATV. It has allowed me to meet many great people from all walks of life and see many parts of our great Island normally not visited. Before condemning ATVs and those who ride them, I invite anyone to go for a ride and see for yourselves what it’s all about. Reach out to most any ATV rider, they’ll be more than happy to take you for a run. You’ll never see an unhappy ATV rider out on the trails.

Thanks for your time.

Andrew Gallant,

Souris West

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