charlotte macaulay

I don’t profess to be any kind of a numbers expert, in fact far from it.

But one thing I do know is a government’s first priority should be to provide services people need.

The province having a $57 million surplus isn’t the best news for taxpayers. Especially where there never seems to be enough funding to go around.

Granted a surplus comes from an underestimation of how much the province takes in in tax revenue. Nevertheless the funds are there and shouldn’t be hoarded.

Unexpected expenses can surface in any budget, but having a surplus two consecutive years means someone somewhere isn’t getting something they need.

People don’t expect handouts or special treatment, but they should expect their tax dollars to be used for their benefit.

Whether that be community infrastructure, health care upgrades, increases in funding for vital organizations programs, there’s little doubt a place can be found for a surplus.

The finance minister says having such a large surplus is due to good fiscal management.

But the most important thing the finance minister should be saying is where do we put these surplus funds where they can do the most good.

Dig into the budget requests in all departments and up the ante for those forced to cut corners in the past.

Charlotte MacAulay

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