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Let’s escape for just a second. Let’s pretend there is no COVID-19 crisis. Let’s say that means I would be returning from my one month stay in Florida today. This, as opposed to being two days away from completing 14 days of self-isolation. And in self-isolation, your mind has time to wander to the ‘what ifs’.

Now, I’m no psychic, but, this is how I strongly believe my last couple of weeks in Florida would have played out ‘if’ I’d been able to stay until my original return date of today.

Saturday, March 20: Playing with three other friends, we tee off at the Jacaranda West Golf Club in Venice, Florida at 11:06 am. It’s a beautiful day, 28 degrees Celsius and sunny. After an eagle 3 on the Par 5 first hole, I drained my tee shot on the 176 yard Par 3 second hole for my first career hole-in-one! My round of 61 that day is my best ever.

Sunday, March 21: Heather is scheduled to return to PEI to make it back in time for school the next day. She’s a teacher. March Break is over. The school calls just as she is about to board her flight and tells her to stay in Florida, for as long as she wants, fully paid.

Tuesday, March 24th: To celebrate my recent hole-in-one, I invite 38 friends to join me at Fishbones Restaurant, on US 41 in Venice. My treat. Food and drinks. After our meal, and just as I’m going to pay, I’m informed I’m the chain’s one millionth customer and everything is free.

Thursday, March 26th: The owners of the Airbnb we’re renting in Englewood, Florida pop in for a surprise visit. At first, I thought something was wrong. But they are so knocked out by how clean I’ve kept the place, they offer me three free months next year, and a promise to install a hot tub.

Sunday, March 29th: I win $500 worth of free gas after buying a single scratch ticket at the Mobil Gas Station, near the intersection of Jacaranda Boulevard and I-75.

Monday, March 30th: I get a call from the Jacaranda West Golf Club. They are calling to confirm the ‘61’ I shot on the 20th is a new course record. They offer me a free lifetime membership ... for two ... golf cart included for every round, and unlimited lifetime free beverage cart services.

Wednesday, April 1st: Just before boarding our flight back to Prince Edward Island, we are told the flight is oversold. However, the airline tells us they have selected us to fly by private jet directly back to PEI to make up for any inconvenience. I immediately buy a Florida lottery ticket, with a jackpot of 47 million dollars just before boarding our ride home.

REAL Wednesday, April 1st in PEI: Just two more days and I’ll be able to actually step off the property when I take a self distancing walk ... sigh.

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