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The Cardigan Baseball and Softball Complex will have a new light shone on it next season.

The Town of Three Rivers awarded a tender to Hansen Electric at the November 12 council meeting for a new outdoor lighting system for the complex.

Kris O’Brien, President of Cardigan Minor Ball, said, “One thing that was lacking was a lit field for younger kids. There really was nothing east of Stratford for kids. So that’s where we felt there was a need we could fill.”

The upgrade opens opportunities for the complex to hold larger events.

When applying to host a tournament, access to a lit ballfield is a requirement and the board had to list fields in the Charlottetown area which resulted in the complex not being considered, Mr O’Brien said.

The board hopes to see more adults using the field in the evenings for casual games of slow-pitch to unwind after a hectic day.

“We’re all kids at heart too,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Regional tournaments are our short-term goal and national tournaments would be our three-to-five year plan once these lights are put in place,” he said.

Due to the expensive nature of outdoor lighting, as this new project comes with a price tag of over $300,000, Mr O’Brien said only one field of four will get the infrastructure. The board of directors may work towards lighting the other fields if this upgrade proves popular.

“(The board) said ‘let’s go in small, start with one field and if it all lines up and the community rallies behind us maybe in a couple years we can tackle another field,’” Mr O’Brien said.

Pending the weather next spring the utility hut to control the power for the lights will be installed in April. This would be the last piece to the upgrade before ball season starts in May.

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