Monday night curling had a close game between Scott Annear, Dayna Holland, Bernie Holland and Brian Crane. They played against Bev Harding, Brian Harding, Lloyd Burck and Kim Lumstrum. This game was tied coming home and Scott had the hammer but I’m not sure if it was the pressure of the game or the opportunity for a free drink but he missed his last shot giving Bev the steal and the win.

Also in Monday night’s late draw it was a wife versus husband game. Phil MacDonald, Bob Smith, Pat Doherty and Tammy MacDonald played Robyn MacDonald, Shelley Rice, Marlise O’Rourke and Mary MacDonald. I’m not sure what Phil did to deserve the pounding Robyn gave him but it was relentless.

This week we were treated to the best curling on the Island with the provincial men’s bonspiel as well as provincial women’s. There was a great crowd all weekend watching and at times it was hard to see the ice through the people.

In the end on the men’s side it was Byron Cochrane and his team of Island natives Ian MacAulay and Morgan Currie, along Mark O’Rourke in the lead position. On the ladies side Susan Birt, Marie Christianson, Meaghan Hughes and Michelle McQuaid were our home rink champions. I’m still hoping they pick me for their alternate - what a trip that would be.

The King of Clubs was cancelled last week due to weather but will resume on Thursday, January 16.

This week was the annual Farmer’s Spiel in Souris. I must say Wayne and Bonnie Townshend do a great job of organizing this 16-team event. The meal catered by Seaside Bakery was amazing.

The winners of this event were Howard MacNeill, Scott Annear, Steven MacLeod and Thomas Annear. I was surprised Scott wasn’t skipping as everyone says he doesn’t like sweeping.

This coming weekend is the Cody Dixon Memorial at the Montague Club, please drop by and help support this great event.

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