Please let me know why you think people are so willing to allow themselves to continue to be held prisoners aka victims of their choice in the use of the government’s toxic substances.

How does self harm and family harm play into a person’s mindset when continuing to use their money to buy harmful substances and set an example for other family members aka especially their kids?

Is it useful to be in a position to be able to blame one’s parents for the example that was imposed on them, as children?

Should the government be held accountable for their part in the control, production, supply and legalization of their toxic substances or should they just be used as another excuse, like supply and demand?

Do you believe a school program, aka course, at an appropriate level, should be developed and provided to deal with a reduction in self and family harm issues so students, through awareness, could make better and healthier choices?

Don’t all people have a personal human code of positive conduct? If/when people turn against their code of human conduct they go even below the animal level into criminal behaviours and activities? Sometimes even below a pack of dogs = gangs.

Teetotalers are not into self harm unlike others who apparently don’t care about their lives and families and spend their money to pay the government’s toxic substance taxes and continue to use their negative products and services.

Party hardy is the sign of the times and the name of the game, sad because if your fix is supposed to make you happy then why are you so sad?

James Halstrum,


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