Town of Three Rivers Mayor Ed MacAulay checks the agenda during a special meeting last Monday night at the Kings Playhouse. The meeting addressed requests for decision along with a number of permit applications. One application concerned a residence development at the Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute in Brudenell. Councillor Gerard Holland voiced his opposition to the permit until such time members of the local Buddhist community and the town discuss future development of Brudenell. Sean MacDougall photo

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Town of Three Rivers Councillor Gerard Holland has voiced opposition to a development permit application for a residence at the Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute in Brudenell.

The application was on the agenda at a special meeting last Monday night at the Kings Playhouse in Georgetown.

During discussion Councillor Holland said, “Not to say I won’t support it in the future but not this evening until we have a firm discussion with our Buddhist community about what we want Brudenell to look like in 50 years time. Do we want it to look like Brudenell? Or do we want it to look like downtown Hong Kong?”

Other councillors raised questions pertaining to taxes on the proposed structure. In the province’s Real Property Tax Act in section 3 (1) (a), places of worship are exempt from taxation but residential units associated with a religious institution are not.

The permit was tabled until this week’s meeting so Three Rivers staff could collect more information regarding taxation on the project.

Council also tabled a motion for a sludge plant upgrade tender to the Montague sewer utility.

The tender recommended for approval comes from Williams Murphy & MacLeod of Charlottetown with a price tag of $1,915,900.

Also on the agenda was a request for a decision passed unanimously for Environmental Industrial Services Incorporated (EISI) to run water service to the new maintenance building in Georgetown beside the fire department on Grafton Street.

A subdivision application for a plot of land in Lower Montague was passed unanimously. The plot will create three lots.

As part of the application under the Lower Montague Zoning and Subdivision bylaw 10 per cent of the land will be deeded to the community

A variance was also granted for a one foot height increase to an accessory building in Georgetown.

A subdivision and lot addition application for a plot of land on Brudenell Point Road and another on Robertson Road was passed unanimously as well.

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I cannot believe what I have just read here. Councillor Gerard Holland actually said he didn't want Brudenell "to look like downtown Hong Kong"? What kind of bigoted, racist and ignorant remark is that? If a councillor in a city like Toronto made that kind of remark you can just imagine the scandal. And as if Gerard Holland has actually ever been to Hong Kong. From the mayor demanding to know in one meeting if a taxpayer with a concern was 'from away' - as if not being born here makes any difference - to a councillor sneering at whatever he finds offensive about downtown Hong Kong, which is a glittering metropolis, unlike Brudenell. Or maybe - and let's be clear - he just doesn't want to see any more Chinese faces, from away, as it were?

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