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At the regular monthly meeting of the Three Rivers Committee of Council potential dates to hold a by-election to replace Isaac MacIntyre who resigned in late May were discussed.

Coun MacIntyre represented Launching, St Georges and Primrose Road.

The town has six months to hold the by-election and potential dates included the first Monday in November, approximately three weeks before the deadline and also an undetermined day late in September.

Coun MacIntyre plans to focus on his career development.

The town is also being eyed for a pilot project to market the town for outdoor tourism.

Frank MacEachern, Project Manager for the PEI Trailtown Pilot Project, spoke to council about partnering with the town on the pilot.

The project, mirrored from similar projects in other parts of Canada and the US would focus on the use of nature trail systems to bring hiking, walking and biking tourists into Montague, Georgetown and Cardigan via the Confederation Trail.

Councillor Alan Munro asked the town to approach the province about installing solar-powered lights along the Montague section of the Confederation Trail and crosswalk lights at various locations in the town similar to those in front of the Post Office on Main Street. He named six points for potential crosswalk lights; Sullivan Lane at Wood Islands Road, MacDonald Avenue at Main Street, Water Street at Main Street, Riverside Drive at Main Street, Rink Street at Main Street and Campbellton Street at Queens Road.

Counc Munro said parents of younger children are afraid to let them cross the street on their own.

Council will review three quotes on a new media building at the Cardigan Minor Ballfield Complex for a decision next month. Quotes were received from companies in Three Rivers, Charlottetown and Summerside.

The building comes as a part of the upgrades slated for the four-field complex.

New lights were installed over the winter and spring. The next project after construction of a media building will be a new scoreboard and lighting for the media building.

Council and Ms Walsh discussed a need for a disposal of town land procedure, of which a request was put forward to the next meeting. The discussion followed a request by the CAO for such a procedure as the town has land in its name within town borders.

Ms Walsh said the town office has received requests from residents to purchase the land but there has been no procedure on how to go about this process, nor is there a running list of town land listed as being surplus.

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