Souris town hall

A new crosswalk on Main Street in Souris will be back where it was before major changes were made to the streetscape a decade ago.

“It’s the best place,” said Councillor Frankie Chaisson referring to the crosswalk location between CIBC and the Post Office.

“It’s where we wanted it all along.”

Back when Mr Chaisson was first elected to council in November 2018, moving the crosswalk and having better signage was his most pressing issue.

“People wanted a proper crosswalk,” he said.

The work is expected to be completed before summer and the crosswalk will be equipped with lights and push button access for pedestrians.

Still, Coun Chaisson is disappointed it took the province more than a year to present the town with an option that would work for everyone.

He said it has been an ongoing issue since the original crosswalk was removed and it has created a danger for a couple of reasons. Many people continued to cross at the old location and the traffic doesn’t always stop at the current crosswalk.

The first option the province offered was to relocate the existing crosswalk at the intersection of Church and Main a few feet north. But too many parking spaces would have been lost.

Mayor Joanne Dunphy said other traffic concerns, a possible traffic light at the intersection of Church and Main, as well as a speed sign leaving town at the bottom of Main Street, were brought to the attention of the province.

Officials with the province have agreed to do a traffic count to determine if lights are warranted.

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