Daffodil cancer society

Nationally it is expected there will be a shortfall of $20 million for the Canadian Cancer Society without the sale of fresh daffodils in April.

The annual campaign where volunteers sell fresh flowers in communities across the country has been suspended in light of social restrictions.

The Canadian Cancer Society hopes people will still keep the needs of cancer patients on their radar, said Kelly Cull Regional Director of Public Issues the Cancer Society.

“The impact of cancer doesn’t stop even though the world is dealing with COVID-19,” she said.

It was unfortunate the pandemic began to emerge right at the time when the Daffodil Campaign, the hallmark fundraiser across the country, was just beginning.

Many businesses that pre-ordered the fresh flowers have declined to take back their donation.

“They are saying keep my donation and make sure it helps the people you serve,” Ms Cull said.

The digital daffodil, which has been an option for donation for two years, is another way people can still give their support.

“When you purchase a digital daffodil at cancer.ca/daffodil you’ll receive a digital daffodil to share or personalize by dedicating it in honour, memory or in celebration of someone special or a milestone achieved,” Ms Cull said.

The donations as always help fund groundbreaking research, provide a support system that makes lives better for those affected by cancer, and shape health policies that will save lives and make living with cancer easier, she added.

“Cancer patients are the focal point of everything we do and we can only imagine the added stress for anyone who receives a cancer diagnosis during this time,” Ms Cull said. They are at a high risk and vulnerable.

There are several online tools to help cancer patients. A toll-free helpline and online peer support programs have been in existence for some time and are even more important now that people have to practice social distancing.

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