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I arrived home from Florida late in the evening of March 19th and isolated for two weeks. Since that time, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve left the house in my vehicle. That changed this week, when I finally couldn’t leave a few things any longer, and headed out a couple of times.

First up, I washed the truck. Now, clearly, this is not essential. However, it was ‘on the way’ to where I was headed, so why not? I pulled up to the door for an automatic wash, and checked my washing options. I never realized there were so many. The Performance package was $9. The Premium package was $10. The Ultimate package was $11, and you’d think the Ultimate was, well, the ultimate, but it wasn’t. The Ultimate, with Rain-X, was $13. So you know what I’m thinking, how on earth is Rain-X a $2 option. After thinking about it, and realizing my truck hadn’t been washed since January, I treated myself to the Ultimate with Rain-X. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, go big or go home.

Then it was off to Shoppers, where I picked up a few things, and finally over to Home Depot for some supplies to shore up my Happy Place deck. It alarmingly developed a nasty sag over the winter when a support post heaved. I was stuck on whether I needed two, three, or three-and-a-half inch deck screws, and after an internal debate went with the three-and-a-half. In the end, I fixed the deck without the screws. New problem. Do I return the screws, or keep them for possible future use?

Saturday, I decided to make my trip to the liquor store. I hopped in the sparkling clean truck, and headed to the Charlottetown location. It was pouring rain. There were 25 people in line, in the rain. No way I’m getting my hair wet. Off to the West Royalty store. Still raining, but only 20 people are in line. Forget it, not worth it. I’m off to Kinkora.

This may sound a bit extreme, but I had basically been home for six weeks and felt a little drive wouldn’t hurt. But are we even allowed to take a leisurely drive? I decided it was OK, but it felt like those times when you rent a car and decline the insurance option because it’s covered by your credit card. You hope you’re covered, but you’re not really sure.

Now I’m heading out to Kinkora, wondering how big the line would be when I arrived, and did I have an umbrella, because rain or shine, this was going to be it. As I headed up Route 225, I couldn’t help but think, gee, this Rain-X really works. All looked clear, and then I rounded a bend. Four cars in front of me. Were they all going to the store in Kinkora too? Should I pass them? What if I could only get by two, and they were also going to the same store? Wouldn’t they wonder why I was in such a hurry?

I decided to keep my place at the end of the line. Finally Kinkora. All four cars in front of me passed the store. Yes. I turned in, parked and went right inside. No waiting outside, no waiting in the store. I headed to the small wine section, dry and physically distancing like a champ. Within minutes I noticed a long line formed in the store. No problem though, I had made all the right calls to this point.

Now, what to get?

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Good Lord Jeff - don't keep us in suspense! Will it be the cab Sauvignon or the pinot noir????

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