I am writing in defence of the community of Eastern Kings from Elmira all the way around East Point.

It looks like the newly-elected Conservative government, according to Steven Myers, is going forward with an unwanted wind farm in our area. I understand there are a small number of residents in this area who are for the wind farms, most have land in the area but will get little or no money from Island Energy Corporation.

As Paul MacNeill pointed out in one of his columns, Against the Tide, the Island Energy Corp is all about the money and not spreading the wealth. Be that as it may the residents really do not want this expansion of health harming, environmental harming, and drinking water harming farm.

We see assessment roads being built with the false narrative of only checking for windmill base and soil foundation suitability.

The government and the corporation are going to sway the findings in their favour anyway. We have a small incorporated council still yet to vote on building permits and yet we see the energy corporation and PEI government ramming these farms down our throats. I think the Island is still a democratic province?

So I ask Steven Myers, the Energy Corp and the provincial government to please let democracy run its course. I understand the infrastructure is here and ready to go but at what cost? The rate of cancer on the Elmira Road alone is scary, so please consider moving your windmills and your wind farms to a less populated area. Bury the harmful electric lines and keep the population of Prince Edward Island healthy and able to drink their own well water.

Dan Sweeney,

East Point Road

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