Michelle Harris-Genge

Michelle Harris-Genge was at the Murray Harbour Farmers Market for a book signing and sales Saturday morning. She is a Murray Harbour native who recently released her first solo effort in Avril’s Phoenix. She and her husband Geoff Genge live in Lewes and earlier this year released their first collaborative novel in the series, The Terra Obscura Chronicles. Heather Moore photo

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Avril’s Phoenix is Michelle Harris-Genge’s first solo effort, though not her first book.

The Murray Harbour native lives in Lewes with her husband Geoff Genge and earlier this year the couple released their first collaborative novel in the series, The Terra Obscura Chronicles. In addition to raising two children and full-time careers, the husband-wife co-authors took on the challenge of penning the series together, and are currently putting the final touches on the next Terra Obscura book to be released this fall.

In Avril’s Phoenix, Ms Harris-Genge takes the reader on the uplifting, emotional voyage of a woman’s navigation through life following a heartbreak seemingly impossible to overcome.

“This is Avril’s story, not mine, but my writing is informed by a similar experience my family suffered,” Ms Harris-Genge said.

“Avril is defining what the journey means for her. She doesn’t want to live in fear and confusion. And she wants to be happy without feeling guilty about it.”

Title character Avril Bale has a seemingly beautiful life with her precious daughter, a second baby on the way, and a caring husband.

She has it all, which makes Avril completely ill prepared for a tragic loss that rocks the foundation of her security, her sense of fairness, and her faith.

Avril’s story, and how she deals with her tragedy, is one that easily resonates with readers, as everyone in some time in their lives has had to overcome something they didn’t see coming.

Readers will embark on a life-changing journey with Avril as she navigates the muddy waters of karma, balance, and belief as she progresses in her suburban pilgrimage towards a path of self-discover and a new recognition of reality.

Slowly, Avril learns to triumph over fear, even as she is constantly looking over her shoulder for the next shoe to drop. Through it all, she tirelessly struggles to find a way for hope to fit into life’s new equation. In addition to her internal conflicts and personal guilt, Avril must deal with family and friends who don’t know how to handle her tragedy. Her interactions with those around her are alternately heart wrenching, upsetting, and, sometimes, perversely comedic.

With each fresh day, Avril comes closer to recovery and claiming her new normal as she tackles each new challenge with perseverance and humour in a world full of tough questions waiting for understanding.

Avril’s Phoenix probes why bad things happen to good people, a question asked by so many at some point in their lives.

Ms Harris-Genge has been writing in her work-world forever, but only recently plunged into the realm of sharing her creative writing.

In addition to Avril’s Phoenix and The Terra Obscura Chronicles, Ms Harris-Genge writes the pause2effect blog online.

Avril’s Phoenix and The Terra Obscura Chronicles are available from the couple’s own Five Crow Road Publications (www.fivecrowroad.com). Avril’s Phoenix was first released on Amazon (https://amzn.to/31BJsCF) in July, where it remains available for purchase.

Since its release on Amazon, Avril’s Phoenix has reached the hands of readers across the country and the world. To find a full listing of where the book is available, visit Five Crow Road Publications online or contact the author.

For more information, a copy of Avril’s Phoenix or Terra Obscura or to book Ms Harris-Genge for a reading email fivecrowroad@gmail.com or phone 902-962-3135 or go to www.fivecrowroad.com

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