Cloggeroo, The Island Folk Festival, born in Georgetown six years ago, won Event of the Year at the 2020 PEI Music Awards on the weekend.

Volunteers from the across the province’s three counties, others from the United States and even a few from across the pond are the core of making the summer festival a success. Well over 100 people volunteer in various capacities.

“Music PEI, the people who have been in the business of presenting and playing music for decades here on the Island, to get that recognition from them was just amazing,” said Kathleen Flanagan, chair of the festival’s board of directors.

“The award really belongs to everybody who is out there working away, making sure the whole festival comes off, runs smoothly and everyone has a wonderful time,” Ms Flanagan added.

The three-day event where performers from every genre of music perform has evolved over the years.

“We’ve established a good reputation and try to be socially conscious in every aspect of the event,” she said.

Included in those improvements are making sure it is a family-friendly atmosphere, it provides special consideration for people with disabilities and achieves gender balance in the performances.

Last summer festival organizers took the initiative to substantially reduce waste by swapping the use of plastic cups with a deposit system with reusable festival swag. They also provided water stations rather than selling water in plastic bottles.

Like any music festival, the performers are the mainstay.

Ms Flanagan said they are extremely proud to have talented musicians perform year after year, many of whom have been on the nominee list for Music PEI awards past and present.

Paper Lions, a world-renowned band who began their career in eastern PEI picked up awards for Group Recording of the Year and Song of the Year.

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