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In Georgetown Provincial Court on Thursday, July 9, Amy Lynn Cooper, 38 of New Perth, pled guilty to distributing intimate images without consent.

She was handed a suspended sentence with 16 months probation which includes a ban on using any and all social media along with five hours of community service.

The charge stems from an incident on March 23 in Montague where Ms Cooper found images containing nudity on a computer in her home.

In what her defence lawyer described as being in an emotional state, Ms Cooper sent the photos through private messaging to multiple individuals. The victim’s face in the photos was not visible but there were unique identifiable markings on their skin.

“When intimate images are distributed, all control is lost,” said Crown Attorney Chad MacQuaid.

The victim indicated in an impact statement they suffered emotional trauma and severe mental health issues as a result of the incident.

In addition to probation and community service, Ms Cooper is to have no contact with the victim and must pay a $100 surcharge to the Victims of Crime Fund.

Jail time for assault

Linda Lee Dixon, 44 of Kingsboro, was sentenced to 10 days in jail for assault.

As part of her sentence Ms Dixon is not to have contact with the victim and will be on 18 months of probation after serving jail time.

The assault charge stems from an incident on March 1 when the victim made a domestic disturbance call to police. A cell phone video the victim took showed the accused striking the victim three times with a closed fist while the victim had a child on their lap.

Judge Nancy Orr said the presence of the child was an aggravating factor for sentencing.

Impaired driving

Cheryl Ann Blackett, 40 of Montague, was sentenced to three days in jail for impaired driving. She was arrested on March 3 at a Montague business where employees saw her in an intoxicated state.

Two readings taken by Kings District RCMP resulted in readings of 170 and 160. Any reading of 160 milligrams or more is considered an aggravating factor in sentencing.

Ms Blackett must also pay $100 to the Victims of Crime Fund, is on six months probation, must perform 30 hours of community service and her driver’s licence is suspended for one year.

A fine was waived due to the case being adjourned last week when the Provincial Correctional Centre did not have any beds available.

Sentenced to five days

Joshua David MacDonald, 30 of Morell, was sentenced to five days in jail and must pay $100 to the Victims of Crime Fund for failing to comply with an undertaking.

Mr MacDonald was arrested on May 21 on another charge and was released by RCMP on an undertaking to appear in court which he did not follow.

Unprovoked attack

Michael Dawn Moore, 38 of Montague, pled guilty to a charge of assault and was fined $500.

On the evening of June 3, Mr Moore was arrested in Montague after grabbing the victim by their collar unprovoked as they were walking home from a Montague business.

The victim was not injured.

The accused, who represented himself, apologized in court for his actions.

As part of his sentence Mr Moore must also pay $150 to the Victims of Crime Fund and will be on probation for one year

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