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Christopher Darrell Condon, 43 of Lower Montague, was sentenced to five months in jail Thursday in Georgetown Provincial Court.

Mr Condon appeared via video call from the Provincial Correctional Centre in Summerside. He was charged with dangerous driving and interference with lawful use of property from a March 13 incident as well as two incidents of breaching a release order.

In the first incident, Kings District RCMP responded to a domestic disturbance at approximately 4:30 pm in Caledonia where Mr Condon was at the victim’s residence. The door of the victim’s home was damaged and Mr Condon was not present when police arrived on scene.

Mr Condon was later seen driving his vehicle at high speeds on Route 315 in the Caledonia area. When police activated their siren to initiate a traffic stop, Mr Condon’s vehicle crossed over the centre line of the road directly toward the cruiser.

After a number of manoeuvres, the cruiser sustained minor damage and Mr Condon drove away. He was later spotted by another police vehicle but due to members of the public being present in the area, RCMP did not pursue the accused.

Mr Condon was arrested the next day in Lower Montague and later released.

In two separate incidents from April 1 to the 9 and on May 13, Mr Condon was found breaching the conditions of his release. He was to have no contact with the victim. Mr Condon was arrested after the May incident and has been in custody since.

Due to time served, three additional sentences of 15 days consecutive each were considered served. A remaining 13 day’s credit for time served will go against the remaining five month sentence.

Mr Condon will be on 18 month’s probation upon release. He also received a one year driving prohibition and a five-year weapon’s prohibition.

Judge Nancy Orr said “it’s positive to hear” the accused sought counselling for anger management on his own after the first incident. Counselling for anger management is to be included in Mr Condon’s probation.

“I’m just extremely sorry for my actions,” Mr Condon said.

As an additional condition of his release, he will be subject to electronic monitoring and supervision at the discretion of his probation officer. He will also be prohibited from being within 500 metres of the victim’s residence.

Linda Lee Dixon, 44 of Kingsboro pled guilty to an assault charge from an incident on March 1.

Sentencing is adjourned until July 9.

At Approximately 12:30 pm on the day of the incident, RCMP responded to a domestic disturbance in the Kingsboro area. The call was made by the victim.

Cell phone video evidence showed Ms Dixon striking the victim with closed fists in their upper body area.

Ms Dixon has no prior convictions.

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