James Harry Lavers, of Montague, pled guilty to failing to comply with a condition of his lobster fishing licence in Georgetown Provincial Court on Thursday, October 10.

The incident was discovered by fisheries officers on June 11 in the St Mary’s Bay area. The charges were for using a bait box on 12 of his traps rather than the standard bait bags.

It was found under-sized lobsters could not escape from the traps as required by law.

Mr Lavers was charged $500 per trap, resulting in a total $6,000 fine.


Logan Gabriel Solomon, 27 of no fixed address, pled guilty to one charge of breach of probation from an August 10 incident in Green Meadows.

Mr Solomon had contact with a person he was ordered to stay away from while under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances.

Mr Solomon was sentenced to seven days in jail and six months probation.


James Calvin McFadden, 41 of Kingsboro, pled guilty to driving while prohibited. The accused was caught driving an ATV on August 2, 2019.

Mr McFadden was sentenced to 30 days in jail, given 12 months probation, fined $100 and is prohibited from driving for one year.


Blair Bellamy Nicolle, of Point Pleasant was charged with mischief (damage to property) and Gary Bruce Dixon, of unknown address, was charged with assault. The court ordered the men not to have contact with each other for one year beginning on October 10.


Danny Joseph Hogan, 34 of Brooklyn, pled guilty to operating a vehicle in Kilmuir while impaired on August 13.

Mr Hogan was sentenced to three days in jail, given a one year driving suspension and fined $1,000.


Brandon Gerard Rafuse, 22 of Little Pond, pled guilty to assault and mischief to destroy or damage property. The assault charges stem from a January 2, 2019 incident and the mischief charges are from December 17 and 24 in 2018. The cost of damages from the mischief charges were under $5,000.

Mr Rafuse was sentenced to seven days in jail, is on probation for 12 months and must pay $100 in restitution.


Jonathan Andrew Flynn, 44 of Georgetown, pled guilty to being unlawfully in a dwelling.

On August 24 a complainant called police concerning damage to their window and reported nothing was stolen. The complainant and the accused were known to each other. A forensic analysis by police was carried out but did not provide any additional evidence.

Mr Flynn was sentenced to 45 days in jail, is on probation for 12 months and must not contact the complainant for the duration of the probation. He was ordered to not be within 100 feet of the complainant’s residence at any time.


Jonathan Ryan Compton, 35 of Heatherdale, was found guilty on two charges of assault and two breaches of probation.

The first assault charge and first breach of probation are from incidents on January 1 and 31, 2019. The second assault charge and breach of probation is from incidents on March 1 and April 30 2019.

Mr Compton has prior assault charges on his record and a lifetime weapons prohibition.

Mr Compton was sentenced to five months in jail with 15 days credit for time served while in custody and 18 months probation.

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