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Gerald Cressman holds a petition containing more than 80 signatures of Georgetown Royalty residents. Residents want gravel trucks restricted from Kayes Road for safety reasons and out of concern for the condition of the road which the rigs use to access a gravel pit. See story on page 2.

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Three Georgetown area residents are calling on the province to stop large gravel trucks from using Kayes Road to access a gravel pit.

Gerald Cressman, Trent Parker and Ray Brow collected more than 80 signatures on a petition which was delivered to Georgetown/Pownal MLA Steven Myers on Monday afternoon.

The petition calls for changing the access Kayes Road to East Royalty Road by way of Georgetown Road.

One of the concerns is the heavy trucks having to brake to negotiate a sharp turn on the Kayes Road.

“There are some S-bends at the other end of Kayes Road and trucks of that size can’t really negotiate the turns properly,” Mr Cressman said.

He added that residents living in the area have families and are concerned for their safety.

Another concern is the deterioration of the road’s surface from heavy trucks driving on it.

“There was a fresh layer of asphalt put down but the road wasn’t built up or anything,” Mr Cressman said. “It wouldn’t take too long for the road to deteriorate,” Mr Cressman said.

Mr Myers said he hadn't yet seen the petition on Tuesday afternoon.

However, he confirmed the property the gravel piles sit on is owned by the province and is leased by a construction company.

He said the gravel trucks aren't travelling down Kayes Road further than the entrance to the site which is about 200 metres west of East Royalty Road.

The province will create a second entrance to the site so trucks will exit on the East Royalty Road.

Both the Georgetown Road and the East Royalty Road were repaved this summer to accommodate an increase in the heavier traffic.

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