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Change is a constant in the newspaper business. We’re the only business in town that completely changes its stock every week. And since we published our first edition in 1963 we’ve navigated many turns in the road.

Some change we control, some we must react to, like the reality that this week the Transcontinental Printing Plant in Borden will close.

We’ve used TC for years, and were happy to see the plant remain open when Saltwire opted to move printing of The Guardian and Journal to Halifax two years ago. But the decision to close was made before Christmas and starting next week The Graphic will be printed by Advocate Printing of Pictou, the largest independent printer in Atlantic Canada. Our relationship with the Murray family goes back fifty years, so we know we are in good hands.

While we’ve worked to minimize disruption, the added cost and time of printing out of province makes change inevitable.

There is no printing alternative on PEI, so to get the paper in your hands at roughly the same time, we must have all our computer files in Pictou by 10 am Tuesday. What this means for our loyal advertisers is that the deadline to book ads is now Friday.

Our reporters will continue to cover all of the meetings, events and community gatherings that we do now, but some items may need to be updated on our website peicanada.com. The website is a great resource and I urge all readers to visit.

Our partnership with Advocate allows us to switch to a tabloid format, which means more pages and more colour for our readers and advertisers.

We are very fortunate to have a strong and loyal readership, which has never been stronger. We look forward to continue telling your stories, holding government accountable and being a supporter of vibrant rural communities. If you have any questions or comments please give me a call or email paul@peicanada.com

Paul MacNeill


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