Charlotte MacAulay

From the cashier at the grocery store wearing gloves to friends and neighbours leaving groceries on the doorstep, online fitness sessions and the closure of many businesses, there is no doubt we have entered into a strange time.

COVID-19 has brought people around the world to attention and there is no change in the foreseeable future.

Technology has really been a saving grace.

It is not just for keeping in touch with those far away anymore. It has become an avenue for families and communities to get together and allow for many to keep on working remotely. University students are already engaging in their daily offering of online learning with primary and secondary students to follow suit in the coming days and weeks.

These days our mantra could well be Long Live the Internet. Let’s hope the providers can keep up with the extra demand.

It might be my imagination but every day I hear more car horns honking in the street. It seems people are more of the friendly variety as Islanders become more and more accustomed to the new reality of social distancing and exactly what it demands.

Social distancing, self isolation and essential services are all measures which may seem dramatic to some, but if it hastens the end of the pandemic that has already taken more than 8,000 lives globally so far, we can be thankful.

No doubt there will be a few glitches along the way, but for now our government, both provincial and federal, are making sure the economic fallout from this will be minimal.

We have many reasons to thank our lucky stars we live where we do.

Charlotte MacAulay

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