Heather Moore: I read your article on Lyme disease 2/10/19 with some interest given I had a tick bite back in 1991 when I was helping a friend clear his back yard near Wilmington, North Carolina. When having a shower that evening I discovered what looked like a blood blister about belt high on my waist, I picked it off and discovered it had legs, put it in a pill bottle and the next day headed back north via Waynesboro, Virginia where my brother-in-law, a research chemist from Nova Scotia, lived.

When he saw the thing he knew exactly what it was given they are common in NS infecting all sorts of critters deer and moose. Since, I have never had any symptoms, however I know people in NS who have and it can be debilitating.

For someone who has the problem it can be tremendously frustrating dealing with the likes of this Germain fellow (Health PEI biologist) who is obviously a worst kind of bureaucrat, manufacturing reasons why he shouldn’t have to do anything. Trust me he should be held accountable.

Louie Johnston,


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Island bureaucrats are very similar in their knee-jerk reaction of denial of everything that they haven't personally observed or been ordered to acknowledge. Years ago I saw what was obviously a pelican sitting in a field near Poole's Corner. According to the person I spoke to at Wildlife (or whatever ministry) that was 'impossible'. A few days later The Guardian confirmed it. I later called the same Ministry to say I have seen a golden eagle in the Cambridge area. Again, absolutely impossible. I could give a hundred examples from other exchanges with the government here but at the end of the day there is one word that sums up the whole thing... 'insularity'. A close-mindedness and dedication to tunnel vision. The word comes from (not surprisingly) the same Latin root as the word for 'island'.

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