Sean MacDougall

Last week a standing committee announced a pilot program to provide school lunches for kids at six schools across the island. The long-term aim is to provide lunches for the price of $5 a child per meal.

MLA Heath MacDonald questioned why the meals wouldn’t be made available to children free of charge at the committee meeting. Keep in mind the $5 adds up to $200 a month. That is a cost some families may not be able to afford.

Subsidies are planned for families who can’t make the $5 price tag and Mr MacDonald has a point in his question. We need to start viewing kids and their education as an investment. This includes making sure they have a full square meal when in school.

Numerous studies have been done to show that the earlier a child is invested in for child care and their education, the more money it saves society in the long run.

It’s understandable that Education Minister Brad Trivers wants to be fiscally responsible with the lunch program but the longer he waits to invest in school kids the more it will come back to bite us.

Sean MacDougall

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