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Lions Clubs around the region whose mandate is to serve their communities have found a way to continue their efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We were all feeling a little bit helpless,” Souris King Lion Allan Campbell said in reference to regular meetings of the service clubs being cancelled.

Last week he reached out to all grocery stores and pharmacies in the area to offer the Lions’ services to deliver essentials (groceries and medications) to people.

At the times the businesses could handle deliveries on their own, but that could change at any time.

“What we have to remember is people are reducing staff and some staff may be choosing not to work so the time could come when our services would be needed,” Mr Campbell said.

He noted all the companies were grateful for the offer.

One important message Mr Campbell wants to relay to the public is that all members who have signed up to help with delivery are prepared to do so with the safety of everyone top of mind.

“We will be following all the necessary protocols if we are providing this service,” he said. They have reached out to public health officials for advice.

“We have to protect ourselves and our neighbours as best we can.”

Morell King Lion Peter VanDiepen said their group has been coordinating with the Morell Consumer Co-op to help with deliveries.

“It goes with our motto ‘We Serve,’” Mr VanDiepen said.

Over the weekend there were eight deliveries.

They expect interest in the service to grow with a high population of elderly people and a lot of people who have been traveling now in self-isolation.

“There seems to be more and more interest as time goes on and people take it seriously,” Mr VanDiepen added.

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