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For over a year the Eastern Kings Community Association and many other residents of Eastern Kings have put forth strong arguments that the PEI Energy Corp has made a poor choice of location for their wind farm expansion plans. Not only is East Point a pristine area of one of the largest, most remote, natural and unexploited land bodies of PEI, it is also the natural refuge of domestic and migratory species.

That the Minister of Environment’s letter of approval for the Environmental Impact Assessment contains 17 new caveats, prescriptions, conditions, mitigation and monitoring procedures is indicative, if not proof of how sensitive East Point is. The idea of co-opting opponents of the proposal into an operating committee of the expanded wind farm is a spoof.

This wind farm will not be a picturesque vista but rather an industrial park of behemoths carved out in one of most beautiful places in PEI. Once permission to start construction is granted there will be no turning back. The added conditions in the minister’s letter are lipstick on a pig.

Don Humphrey, Souris

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Jean Selines

I am sad and disappointed that the province is going forward with this plan. It appears that whomever is in charge has no regard for the pristine beauty that is the Eastern end of the Island. Placing an industrial eyesore will successfully destroy the natural beauty. I wonder why such an unspoiled, pristine and just simply beautiful spot is targeted for this visual plight. It seems that the folks with power are ignoring the obvious....once this area is destroyed we will never be able to restore it.


Destroying this old growth forest / wetland to save the environment buy erecting 60 story turbines is just asinine. Buying 42 hectares of land to make up for razing this land does not make sense. Buy 42 hectares of open unused land and stick them there

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