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For the second time this year Murray Harbour Council will look to fill a seat, this time left vacant by the resignation of Councillor Debbie Shea.

Ms Shea’s notice of resignation was submitted to council at the village’s regular monthly meeting last Wednesday evening.

She cited commitment to volunteer work as her reason for leaving.

A municipal election was held in 2018 which saw all but one of the current councillors claiming seats by acclamation. Sandra Gordon is the only councillor voted in by the community.

Ms Gordon was sworn into office at the end of April 2019 and holds the Councillor and Chair of Sewage Utility Committee portfolio.

Paul White, received resounding support in a bid for the mayor’s seat in November 2018. Of 151 votes cast Mr White earned 89, which was 59 over Garry Herring who served as mayor at the time.

Ms Shea’s portfolio included the production of a community newsletter. This will be taken over by Murray Harbour resident Faye White with assistance from Councillor Carol White, Councillor and Chair of Sports, Recreation, and Community Centre Committee and Acting Chair of Communications Committee.

The village must hold a by-election to fill the vacancy by March 2020. The cost is $1,000 to $1,200.

In other council news a committee, which includes Councillor White, is continuing to look at designs for a monument to honour fishermen in the community.

An influx of new residents also prompted a brief discussion on establishing a Welcome Wagon program.

Also on the agenda was plans for a summer festival of sorts possibly around the first part of July so it wouldn’t interfere with existing festivals in the area. “We need names (entertainers) who will draw people,” Councillor White said.

More details on this will come as planning unfolds.

Councillor Margaret VanIderstine, Councillor and Chair of Beautification and Special Events Committee, offered a reminder that tickets are available for a village sponsored turkey or lobster Take-Out Fundraiser on Saturday, October 12 from 3:30-5 pm. There is a limited amount of lobster and tickets cost $17 or $15. Tickets can be purchased at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday.

Councillor VanIderstine also mentioned that planning a Move & Pizza Party is the works.

Councillor and Chair of Emergency Measures Organization Committee Marlene MacNeill offered a review of the community’s response to the power outage during Post Tropical Storm Dorian.

Councillor MacNeill suggested, in future, hours the community hall would be open to the public should be posted and services provided there be more simplified. The warming centre was utilized by more than 100 people during the recent storm. The hall has a generator and provides warmth, power to recharge cellphones etc and washroom facilities.

She explained the base group to deal with emergencies is now in place and but volunteers are needed to help out.

Councillor MacNeill suggested more people working with the core group would “keep resources from crumbling.”

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